Basically, we recommend impregnating natural stones (Natureffekt or Color Intensifying). Through the impregnation, the pores are sealed, creating a protective film that prevents dirt from settling into the pores. This makes cleaning easy as liquids simply bead off and dirt can be swept away with a broom or rinsed away with water. Intensive care or cleaning is therefore no longer necessary after impregnation!

You can clean surfaces with a pressure washer using appropriate pressure and distance. For colored joints, you should choose a greater distance to prevent joint components from jumping out.

For heavily used areas such as a terrace, we recommend renewing the impregnation after 1-2 years, while for less heavily used areas, it is sufficient to do so after 3-5 years. You can easily check when a re-impregnation is necessary by performing a water test. Simply pour some water on the polygonal slabs, and if the water no longer beads off, meaning no water droplets form, the protective film is no longer present and it is time for a re-impregnation.

If your stones are not impregnated, we recommend using FILA products for cleaning stones or porcelain stoneware.

Feel free to contact us for any care-related questions.

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  • Installation by specialist companies

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