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Premium quartz gravel 2-4 mm grain size 1000 kg

Premium quartz gravel 2-4 mm grain size 1000 kg

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  • Premium quality
  • 1,000 kg in 40 bags of 25 kg each
  • Delivered on a one-time pallet free of charge
  • Granulation: 2-4 mm
  • 2x washed and 1x flamed

The special feature of our quartz gravel is that it has been washed twice and flamed once.

Through this pre-treatment, the typical unclean, dusty, and crumbly consistency known with conventional quartz gravel is avoided. The double washing process and flaming result in a largely clean grain, which is important for the resin to form a clean bond with the quartz gravel.

Quartz gravel consists of stones that have been rounded off by their natural environment. The current carries the stones from the mountains, creating the naturally rounded shape of the stones. There are several applications for quartz gravel, such as:

  • for water treatment
  • as a spreading agent
  • as an abrasive
  • in garden and landscaping
  • as aquarium gravel
  • for swimming and fish ponds
  • for mortar

Quartz gravel fits perfectly in a natural garden

You can use the quartz gravel as ground cover, but it is also excellent for creating a garden path. Additionally, it is beautiful to combine the quartz gravel with another natural stone. This creates a charming, playful effect in your garden.

We recommend before using the stones to let the bag drop from a height of about 50 cm onto the ground in a controlled, jerky manner so that the remaining dust particles can settle at the bottom of the bag.


Quartz gravel grain size: 2-4 mm

Free shipping

We always deliver within Germany free of charge with our own trucks.


1 bag of quartz gravel has dimensions of 50 cm wide, 50 cm deep, 30 cm high.

Care instructions

We recommend cleaning with a steam cleaner (e.g. Kärcher) at your own discretion, while maintaining a minimum distance of 1 meter.

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Fugenmörtel Farben für Naturstein Polygonalplatten farbige Fugen auswählen bei

Discover our colored joint mortar now - Colorquarzit

Our joint mortar, also known as Colorquarzit (colored quartz gravel), is used in all outdoor areas. The joint mortar is ideal for laying your broken stone slabs.

The joint mortar must be mixed with epoxy resin during installation and thus becomes hard.

It is weather-resistant, frost-resistant, and colorfast for a long time. Use our joint mortar in your favorite colors to joint your patio slabs, your walkway, or even your pool surround.

The elegant, colored joint mortar is a stylish addition to your natural stone slabs, enhancing your garden or your individual project.


    To ensure that your cobblestone slabs arrive guaranteed, undamaged, and safely, we exclusively deliver within Germany using our own trucks. We supply other countries upon request.


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