Grouting with colored quartz and synthetic resin

Instructions for making the joint mortar (Colorquarz joint mortar) and for grouting polygonal natural stone slabs

From preparation, mixing the joint mortar, consumption and application to application and completion - here you will find a step-by-step guide on everything you need to know to grout your polygonal natural stone slabs with our special water-permeable, cement-free, and frost-resistant joint mortar.

Was man zur Verlegung von Polygonalplatten braucht. Mörtelwanne / Mörtelkübel, Arbeitshandschuhe aus Nitril, ein Rührgerät, ein Fugenbrett, Glättkelle und ein Richtscheit mit Wasserwaage.

Preparation of materials

  • Take a bag of Colorquartz grout (25 kg).
  • Measure 1 kg of synthetic resin.
  • You will also need:
    Mortar bucket, mixer/drill, trowel/rubber float, hand broom (hard bristles)
Mit dem Rührgerät wird Quarzkies und Epoxidharz gemischt

2. Mixing the grout

  • Put the joint mortar and the synthetic resin in a mortar bucket.
  • Use a stirring tool to thoroughly mix the mixture until all grains have a uniform shine.
  • The mass should achieve a uniform, "rolling" consistency.

3. Consumption and Application

With a maximum joint width and height of 2 cm each, one bag (25 kg) is sufficient for approximately 4 square meters. Expect an approximate working time of 15 minutes per square meter with careful execution.

Das einfache Verfugen von Polygonalplatten mit Colorquarz und Epoxidharz

Applying the joint compound

  • Distribute the ready-made joint compound on the tiles by pouring it out of the bucket.
  • Use a grout float or a rubber float to spread the compound evenly over the tiles. The compound will automatically "roll" into the joints.

Fine cleaning

During application, you can remove excess grains lying on the plates with a small hand brush (hard bristles).

Drying time

Let the joint compound dry for 24 hours. After the drying time, any remaining grains can be removed with a broom. Your terrace will be walkable after drying.


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