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Many dream of having a pool in their own garden. To perfectly showcase it, you need pool coping stones and stepping stones that round off the overall picture. With pool surrounds made of natural stone, depending on the material and color of the stones, you can create a mediterranean or rather elegant ambiance. Which natural stone best suits which pool is purely a matter of taste and ultimately depends on the desired look.

Our high-quality stones come in various colors and within the stone types, there are color nuances, transitions, and natural quartz glimmer components. Depending on the color preference, you can choose your ideal natural stone. The lighter the stone, the less it heats up in the sun. This ensures a pleasant feeling when walking barefoot on it.

Polygonal slabs are an optimal choice for natural stone pool surrounds. Our slabs are very robust, durable, and easy to maintain due to their natural composition. The natural stones made of quartzite are ideal for outdoor areas as they offer various advantages due to their hardness, slip resistance, and frost resistance.

Tip: Instead of using adhesive mortar or drainage mortar, we recommend a newly developed special resin-based screed. This is frost-proof and water-permeable, among other benefits.


COMPRESA - Premium quality. Everything included at an affordable package price. Free delivery to your doorstep.

Choose your desired color for the joint and the desired impregnation (Nature Effect or color intensifying). All necessary materials such as Polygonal slabs including 10% extra, binder, Quartz gravel, Colorquartz and impregnation are already included in this all-inclusive package.

The right joint mortar for your pool surround in 14 different colors

Combine your desired natural stone with our Color Quartz to your heart's content. Currently, we have 14 colors available in our online shop. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in a different color or combination.



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