Will the COMPRESA terrace package be delivered individually?

No, delivery is done by our own truck. Everything complete and from one source!

Can I order COMPRESA for 10 sqm as well?

We also provide this for our customers, please use our contact form.

Are your natural stone slabs or polygonal slabs frost-resistant?

All of the rubble stone slabs we offer are frost-resistant, with the exception of Solnhofen stone.

Do you also offer cement-based variants for installation?

No, not anymore. We have completely switched to the epoxy resin variant. Concrete haze, efflorescence, and cracks are a thing of the past.

How do I remove the concrete veil from my natural stone slabs?

Strictly speaking with a wire brush. However, it is and remains difficult. For example, you do not want to destroy the shine of the quartzite slabs. Therefore, we recommend our terrace package "Compresa" to avoid this. This question does not arise.

Do you also offer rubble stone slabs larger than 1 sqm?

Yes, we also sell larger broken slabs. The largest one we have ever sold was Clara Quartzite with 2.5 meters. We have also supplied a seal enclosure with local slabs made of greywacke. Feel free to inquire about your desired size.


Can I also order small quantities from 5 m²?

Of course, that is possible. Please submit your request as desired, we will respond promptly.

Do you also lay natural stone slabs?

This scenario is also served by us, initially only regionally within a radius of 100 km. Just inquire.

I am missing a bag of quartz gravel, can I reorder this individually as well?

We cannot offer smaller quantities of quartz gravel in the online shop for cost reasons. However, feel free to give us a call, we will take care of your needs individually. You can also contact the Gala Bauer of your choice or from your local area on COMPRESA (A brand of bruchsteinplatten.de) or quartz gravel.

Is it necessary to lay a drainage mat under the screed?

No, the water permeability is so high that this is no longer necessary.

What is Bruchsteinplatten.de specialized in?

We specialize in the sale and shipping of natural stone slabs. We welcome not only private customers as end customers, but also companies interested in distributing our natural stone slabs.

The Betmar Betonzaun collective is one of our valued partners, specializing in the sale and installation of unique concrete fences.


How are the natural stone slabs delivered?

With our trucks equipped with free on-board forklifts, of course securely palletized.

The COMPRESA terrace package consists of how many pallets?

Your order of 20 m² equals 5 pallets (1.20 × 0.80 m).

What are the shipping costs?

We do not charge any shipping costs for orders of 5 m² or more of rubble stone slabs.

Do you also ship a mix of natural stone slabs e.g. 10 m² of type A and 10 m² of type B?

Yes, this also happens more often. Contact us with this request, for a small additional charge we can also pack according to your wishes.