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Your solution for effortless terrace design!

The planning and implementation of a solid substructure for your terrace floor can often be a complex and time-consuming task that usually requires the expertise of professionals. But we present you with an innovative DIY solution to make this process as easy as possible - and all without concrete or cement!

So, you are in the right place if you are only concerned about the substructure and prefer a concrete-free or cement-free installation of your natural stone slabs for the sake of the environment and yourself. If you have any questions, we look forward to your call at the phone number: +49 (0)3332 26 70 78 27

Terrasse mit polygonalen Natursteinplatten in mediterranen Farben

Natural concrete-free installation of natural stone slabs with quartz gravel and synthetic resin

Here you will find durable and easy-care terrace substructure packages for your DIY terrace floor project starting from 10 m². Choose the color of your quartz gravel joint mortar as well as your preferred impregnation (Color-Enhancing or Natural Effect). This complete solution is suitable for polygonal slabs, form slabs, and floor tiles.

Your key to stress-free terrace design

Our terrace substructure packages offer you the possibility to create a stable and reliable substructure for your terrace floor without the need for elaborate concrete or cement work. The best part: You can do it yourself without having to hire expensive professionals!

Why choose our solution?

  1. Easy installation: Our terrace substructure packages are based on a tried and tested solution that eliminates the need for concrete or cement. The installation is designed so that you can easily do it yourself without requiring specialized knowledge.
  2. Efficient water drainage: Thanks to the perfect combination of special quartz gravel and PU synthetic resin, our system allows for efficient water drainage through the quartz gravel without creating standing water. The result is a terrace that is not only beautiful but also functional and remains so.
  3. No slope, no drainage: Unlike traditional methods, our terrace substructure does not require a complicated slope construction or drainage systems. This not only saves time but also costs.
  4. Base of synthetic resin and quartz gravel: Our solution is based on a combination of high-quality PU synthetic resin and quartz gravel, which forms a solid foundation for your terrace floor. This ensures durability and resistance to the elements.
Quarzit Platten polygonal auf der Terrasse oder im Garten

COMPRESSION - The all-round carefree terrace package from 10 m²

Everything you need!

"From my own experience, I know how lost one can be when having a clear vision of their future terrace but not knowing how to achieve it and what is needed. That is exactly why we have developed the complete package COMPRESA."

Roy Preuß, CEO

  • Zementfreier Unterbau - Ganz einfach Terrassenplatten selbst verlegen mit Quarzkies und PU-Kunstharz
  • Do-it-yourself: Completely without concrete!

    Discover the freedom to design your terrace without the hassle of concrete or cement work. Our terrace substructure packages offer an innovative and user-friendly alternative for those looking for a simpler solution.
    Experience the ease of installation and the numerous benefits of our concrete and cement-free substructure option. Start creating your dream terrace today!
    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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  • Grauwacke Naturstein als Polygonalplatten für Gartenweg


    Grauwacke is a so-called sedimentary rock, particularly popular for its abrasion resistance and frost resistance. In addition to its noble appearance, Grauwacke slabs are non-slip, easy to care for, and weather-resistant. Polygonal Grauwacke slabs impress with their distinctive and color-intensive appearance. They are characterized by fiery red tones, earthy brown, and rusty metallic gray nuances. As a result, these natural stone slabs convey an antique look that evokes a nostalgic feeling.


    Our quartzite slabs are broken stone slabs made of fine and high-quality quartzite rock. Natural stone slabs made of quartzite are a real eye-catcher due to the quartz glitter! They are characterized by their Mediterranean color scheme and their robust and durable properties. They are easy to care for and, due to their hardness and durability, are resistant to rain, sun, and frost. Acids and strongly staining liquids of everyday use cannot harm our quartzite patio slabs.


    Slate slabs with their distinctive surface are a tactile experience. Smooth surfaces paired with brittle edges are robust and have a nostalgic look. Polygonal Slate Natural Stone Slabs are naturally frost-resistant and thermally conductive, making them ideal for outdoor use. We offer 3 types of slate flagstones that couldn't be more different. From rusty red tones to earthy brown to stylish gold or our Negra slate that is black as night.

COMPRESSION PAD - Premium quality. Everything included at an affordable flat rate. Free delivery to your doorstep.

Choose your desired color for the joint and the desired impregnation (Nature Effect or color intensifying). All necessary materials such as Polygonal tiles including 10% extra, Binding agent, Quartz gravel, Colorquartz and impregnation are already included in this all-inclusive package.

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Our polygonal quartzite terrace slabs

We have paid special attention to our natural stone slabs selection, focusing on our quartzite slabs. In total, we offer 10 different split rough varieties. Available on request in thicknesses up to 5 cm.

Small quantities can also be requested, we are happy to pack individually for you. Sample pieces can also be purchased from us. From Mediterranean in friendly colors to nostalgic in dark tones, there is something for everyone.

Quartzite slabs are one of the most sought-after products in our range. They are characterized by their particularly Mediterranean color scheme and their robust and durable properties. Discover our quartzite slabs as terrace slabs, stone for garden path, for stairs, pool surround, pond surround, wall or simply as stepping stones.

Natural stone made of quartzite is a real eye-catcher due to the quartz shimmer!

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