Collection: Garden path made of natural stone

Here you will find an overview of our natural stone slabs for the garden path. All the polygonal slabs listed here are suitable as stones for your garden path or walkway. Our Grauwacke slabs in the thickness of 4-6 cm are particularly noteworthy as they can also be laid loosely and are therefore very suitable as lawn stepping stones.

Natural stone slabs for the walkway are a proven and durable building material as stones for the garden path. The split rough polygonal slabs look very natural, blending into their surroundings. Unlike, for example, garage driveways, garden paths are less stressed. Not rectangular walkway slabs, but stone slabs with many corners and edges. Polygonal slabs loosen up the garden design because their shape also recalls the originality of the stone. "Polygonal" means "polygonal or asymmetrical" and thus stands for natural stone slabs that have no fixed format, but are randomly cut and laid.

To protect the natural stone slabs from external influences, we recommend our impregnation color-enhancing or as natural effect. If you want a special walkway, we have colored joint mortar. We work exclusively on epoxy resin basis to avoid cement haze and concrete efflorescence. Frost resistance and water permeability are a must. Here you will find our simple installation instructions for DIY enthusiasts. It's really not rocket science, anyone can do it themselves. All components (see also COMPRESA terrace package) are delivered by us free of shipping costs. If you need help with planning, our landscape architects will create a free planning sketch for your garden path.

Gartenweg aus Naturstein

Examples of stepping stones and garden paths

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Choose your desired color for the joint and the desired impregnation (Nature Effect or color intensifying). All necessary materials such as Polygonal slabs including 10% extra, binder, Quartz gravel, Colorquartz and impregnation are already included in this all-inclusive package.

  • Grauwacke Naturstein als Polygonalplatten für Gartenweg


    Grauwacke is a so-called sedimentary rock, particularly popular for its abrasion resistance and frost resistance. In addition to its noble appearance, Grauwacke slabs are non-slip, easy to care for, and weather-resistant. Polygonal Grauwacke slabs impress with their distinctive and color-intensive appearance. They are characterized by fiery red tones, earthy brown, and rusty metallic gray nuances. As a result, these natural stone slabs convey an antique look that evokes a nostalgic feeling.


    Our quartzite slabs are broken stone slabs made of fine and high-quality quartzite rock. Natural stone slabs made of quartzite are a real eye-catcher due to the quartz glitter! They are characterized by their Mediterranean color scheme and their robust and durable properties. They are easy to care for and, due to their hardness and durability, are resistant to rain, sun, and frost. Acids and strongly staining liquids of everyday use cannot harm our quartzite slabs.


    Slate slabs with their distinctive surface are a tactile experience. Smooth surfaces paired with brittle edges are robust and have a nostalgic look. Polygonal Slate Natural Stone Slabs are naturally frost-resistant and thermally conductive, making them ideal for outdoor use. We offer 3 types of slate flagstones that couldn't be more different. From rusty red tones to earthy brown to stylish gold or our Negra slate that is black as night.

Grout in 14 different colors

Combine your desired natural stone with our Color Quartz to your heart's content. Currently, we have 14 colors available in our online shop. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in a different color or combination.



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