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Natural Slate polygonal, robust & nostalgic for outdoor use

Slate slabs are a particularly high-quality product from our range. The noble material reminds of wellness and vacation, simply because it stores heat so excellently and is a benefit for both feet and soul.

Be surprised by the diverse and appealing properties of our slate slabs. In our range, we present 3 different natural stone slabs made of slate.

All slate slabs are frost-resistant and have the same degree of hardness. They only differ in color and surface structure.

All lean towards nostalgia. Particularly suitable for use in barbecue corners, fireplace cladding, base cladding, or grave edging. No shipping costs apply, we deliver with our own trucks.

You also have the option to order sample slabs.


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"We chose the slate plates and are fully satisfied. Fast delivery, smooth shipping, and great availability for inquiries. Buying slate plates online is really worth it - top quality and you can save yourself a trip to the hardware store in these times."

Jens-Walter S., Cottbus


    Slate slabs have a unique surface that is natural and unadorned. The typical slate structure is a tactile experience, where smooth surfaces unite with brittle edges.

    In addition, slate slabs are heat-conducting. This makes our natural slate ideal for all wellness enthusiasts. Enjoy the heat storage of your slate slab even hours after sunset.

    While slate conducts and stores heat perfectly, this does not apply to cold: slate is naturally frost-resistant. This makes slate ideal for outdoor use and is a common choice for facades or roofs - discover slate for your garden as well.


    It is recommended to impregnate slate slabs after laying them. This helps the slabs to maintain their color for a long time and protects them from weather and dirt.

    Cleaning natural stones is generally very easy. Water and gentle cleaning agents ensure beautiful slate slabs. But be careful: Do not use high-pressure cleaners, as they can damage the slate.

    Slate is best known in its powerful anthracite variant. However, slate blocks in nature also come in graceful cream or beige tones, as well as in warming red or brown hues.


    Slate slabs have a number of unique properties that make them so popular as a building material. Slate slabs are often found as decorative trays, coasters, slate boards for hanging or as decorative serving plates.

    However, slate is best used as a natural stone for outdoor areas.

    Slate slabs naturally come in various shapes and sizes, so there is something for every purpose.

    Many designs of slate slabs are excellent for use as patio slabs. Our polygonal slabs come in various sizes to perfectly design your patio.

Customer rating *****

Really great!

"I was totally surprised by the slate plates. My husband really wanted slate, so I eventually agreed, even though I always thought slate was just black. But the most beautiful color facets come to light! Really great!"

Annette W., Mülheim a.d.R.