Collection: Natural stone slabs - Natural, beautiful, and durable

Aesthetic diversity and elegant natural stone slabs for garden, terrace, paths, and facades

Our wide range of natural stone slabs offers the perfect solution for every taste. Whether indoors or outdoors - we ensure that your home becomes even more beautiful with our natural stone slabs - with split rough surfaces! One of our bestsellers is Grauwacke, a natural stone that is excellent for use as flooring, wall cladding, or base cladding. Natural polygonal shapes combined with vibrant color nuances create a Mediterranean charm and special flair. You can also inquire about large Grauwacke natural stones, for example, with a size of 1.20 meters. We can usually deliver what nature provides. For use as flooring, slab thicknesses of at least 2 cm are particularly in demand. Use possibilities of "heavy stones", which we understand to be slab thicknesses of 6 cm and more, include garden paths, lawn stepping stones, or entrance or exit driveways. In some cases, the slabs can even serve as a ledge for a stream.

Natursteinplatten - Natürlich, schön und langlebig
  • Graywacke natural stone

    The illustration shows an example or excerpt of the surface of a greywacke.
  • Natursteinplatten weiß Polaris für Terrasse und Garten bei

    Quartzite natural stone slabs

    The illustration shows an example or excerpt of the surface of a Polaris Quartzite.

  • Slate natural stones

    The illustration shows an example or excerpt of the surface of a Scabra slate.


Current customer feedback

Polygonal terrace covering made of natural stone

Our natural stone quartzite slabs such as Deep Sea, Clara, Kallisto, or Lemuria Light, etc. come from Europe, unlike the well-known Rio Yellow and Rio Rosario quartz sandstones from Brazil. Quartzite slabs are also durable hard stones mainly used for outdoor areas and are frost-resistant. To maintain the external appearance, one should not exclude an impregnation in color-enhancing or natural effect version. We offer our slate slabs in three variants: Schiefer Negra, whose deep black has made its name, and the brothers with higher iron oxide content, which have a rusty look. We also offer Schiefer Scabra with light rust tones and Antigua Schiefer, which almost looks like an iron plate - ideal for borders around a grill or fireplace.

Our Grauwacke, quartzite slabs, and slate slabs are extremely robust and durable.
They can be ordered directly online from us, making them a perfect solution for landscaping or other outdoor projects. For indoor use, we recommend the use of finer slabs that provide a very elegant look. Our slate and quartzite stones are very popular and are excellent for floors, walls, or stairs. They can be used in combination with other materials such as wood, glass, or metal to achieve a unique aesthetic.

Natursteinplatten Grauwacke für die Wandverkleidung im Außenbereich

Natural stone as a high-quality and easy-care wall in indoor and outdoor areas

Natural stone is the best choice for a wall cladding with style. It enchants with its natural elegance, creates a stylish ambiance, and seduces with a unique and varied play of colors. With natural stone veneers, your wall or facade is upgraded inside and out, impressing with diverse accents and nuances in shape and color effect. Thanks to its natural origin, natural stone carries a piece of history and radiates pure vitality. Our extensive selection of natural stones will inspire you.

  • Natursteinplatten rosé bei

    Quartzite Antares (NEW)

    rosé, accents with reddish brown tones

  • Natursteinplatte hellgrau Clara Quarzit Muster bei

    Quartzite Clara

    White, gray, beige, light tones in rose

  • Naturstein Platten Copper Quarzit Musterstein bei

    Quartzite Copper

    Silvery shiny, brown as a transition

  • Naturstein Texturbild Polygonalplatten grau aus Quarzit

    Quartzite Kallisto

    White, yellow, brown, vanilla

  • Natursteinplatten anthrazit Lemuria für Terrasse und Garten bei

    Quartzite Lemuria Light

    Fieldstone look with quartz gloss, bronze, brown, shimmering

  • Natursteinplatten als Terrassenplatten Anthrazit bei

    Quartzite Deep Sea

    Dark blue, anthracite
  • Natursteinplatten weiß Polaris für Terrasse und Garten bei

    Quartzite Polaris (NEW)

    white, light gray

  • mediterrane Natursteinplatten als Terrassenbelag

    Quartzite Violet

    Beige, brown, light purple shimmer, cream


Natural stone sample slabs - Get a feel for your right stone

Natural stone sample plates are a great way to get a feel for the different stones and make the right decision. They allow you to see and feel the broken plates you have selected for your project in terms of color, shape, structure, and texture. With sample plates, you can ensure in advance that you are buying a product that meets your expectations. When we send out natural stone sample plates, we usually pack 2-3 stones of one variety in the package. This is precisely because it is a natural product that radiates liveliness through different shapes, structures, and color nuances.

Gehwegplatten mit Natursteinplatten für ein individuelles Ambiente im Garten

Stepping stones in the garden - Rustic and frost-resistant

Stepping stones made of natural stone are an ideal choice for gardens as they are rustic, frost-resistant, and relatively inexpensive. Stone slabs are naturally diverse in color and shape, allowing you to give your garden an individual look. Natural stone paths are an easy way to create a naturally beautiful pathway in your home garden. They are also an appealing way to create a garden path that can easily adapt to your garden design. Polygonal stone slabs are robust and durable and can typically last for decades. They are an easy way to create a garden design with walkway slabs that harmoniously flow through the garden.

How are natural stone slabs cleaned?

There are various ways to clean natural stone slabs.

  1. A gentle cleaner suitable for natural stones can help remove dirt and stains. In general, if you always remove dirt immediately, for example, water alone may be sufficient. This prevents it from penetrating into the pores of the stone. We always recommend prior impregnation.
  2. Steam cleaners are a good option for cleaning natural stone slabs. These devices remove dirt and dust without damaging the stone.
  3. A soapy solution can help remove dirt, oil, and other stains from the slabs. However, you should not leave the solution on the stone for too long, as it can damage the stone.
  4. Pressure washers are a good option for removing stubborn dirt and stains from natural stone slabs. However, when using a pressure washer, be careful to avoid damaging the stone. We recommend not getting too close to the stone and especially the joints with the pressure head.
  5. There are also special cleaning agents specifically designed for natural stone slabs. These products can help effectively remove dirt and stains without damaging the stone.

FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions about natural stone slabs

What are natural stone slabs?

Natural stone slabs are slabs made from natural stones such as granite, marble, sandstone, travertine, slate, limestone, and quartzite. They are suitable for various purposes, such as the construction of pavements, terraces, patios, stair steps, and sometimes even as wall cladding. Natural stone slabs are durable, weather-resistant, and require little maintenance.

How are natural stone slabs produced?

The production of natural stone slabs depends on the type of stone and the size of the slab. Typically, a large stone block is broken from a quarry and cut or broken into smaller blocks or slabs.

What natural stone slabs are available?

There is a variety of different natural stone slabs, such as granite, gneiss, grauwacke, marble, sandstone, limestone, slate, basalt, travertine, quarzite, porphyry, and many more.

What is natural stone best suited for?

Natural stone is very versatile and can be used for many different purposes. It is best suited for use in interiors and exteriors, as flooring, for stairs and terraces, for walkways, as cladding, for facade and much more.

Do natural stone patio slabs feel cold?

Yes, patio slabs made of natural stone feel cold. The reason for this is that natural stone is a natural conductor of heat and transfers the cold from the ground through the slabs. Therefore, they usually feel cool, especially at low temperatures. When the sun shines on the slabs, they warm up or heat up, depending on the type of stone they may retain the heat more or less even after sunset.

How does slate feel?

Slate natural stone feels cool and smooth to the touch. Naturally, it flakes off slightly at the edges. However, this is not noticeable when embedded in quartz gravel (joint mortar).

Are natural stone patio slabs sensitive?

It depends on the type of natural stone. In general, it can be said that hard stones and stones with a higher density such as Gneiss, Grauwacke, Quarzit, and Porphyry are insensitive and have a slightly non-absorbent property due to their density. Natural stone slabs made of Schiefer are also rather insensitive, but could show small chippings of the first layer due to their layered structure when subjected to force. On the other hand, limestone and sandstone can easily chip and are very susceptible to stains, which is why we do not offer these stones in our range. We generally recommend sealing the stones (Imprägnierung) and cleaning them regularly depending on the level of use. Once the surface of a stone no longer repels water (water test), it is time to reseal it.

Do natural stones scratch easily?

No, our Grauwacke and Quartzite stones are hard stones that are resistant and do not scratch. Slate slabs, on the other hand, have a smooth surface and are susceptible to scratches, although not as sensitive as soft stones (limestone and sandstone). In any case, we recommend surface protection through impregnation and if you handle them carefully, you can of course avoid scratching with slate.

Which natural stone slabs are suitable for laying on the terrace?

There are many different natural stone slabs that are suitable for laying on the terrace. Some popular options include granite, slate, gneiss, porphyry, graywacke, and quartzite slabs. All these types of natural stone slabs are very durable and can create a beautiful ambiance. However, it is important to consider the differences in the properties of each stone when choosing the right type of natural stone slabs for your own natural stone terrace in order to achieve optimal results. We are happy to advise you on this.