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5-30 m² Graywacke polygonal slabs 4-6 cm incl. impregnation

5-30 m² Graywacke polygonal slabs 4-6 cm incl. impregnation

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Graywacke polygonal slabs 4-6 cm (square meter)
Natural stone impregnation (desired color effect)

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Coordinated product combination (bundle) of Grauwacke polygonal slabs 4-6 cm and the corresponding amount of impregnation.

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Our Grauwacke polygonal slabs with a thickness of 4 to 6 cm have slabs with a diameter of 20 to 40 cm and are ideal as flooring.

Grauwacke impresses with its distinctive and color-intensive appearance. The Grauwacke slabs are characterized by fiery red tones, earthy brown, and rusty metallic gray nuances. This gives the polygonal slabs an antique look that conveys a feeling of nostalgia and historical significance indoors and outdoors.

Our recommendation for calculating the quantity

When calculating the square meter requirement, we generally recommend a safety margin of 10% on the calculated area. A natural product naturally has irregularities and color nuances that you may want to sort out during installation, depending on personal taste.

The delivery time is approximately 14 days.


Graywacke with hardness level 7. High resistance to various weather conditions.

Hinweis zu Bruchsteinplatten

Bruchsteinplatten sind einzigartige Naturprodukte, die sich in Form, Farbe, Struktur, Stärke und Oberflächenbeschaffenheit unterscheiden. Der besondere Charme einer verlegten Fläche mit polygonalen Natursteinplatten entsteht durch das natürliche Zusammenspiel sämtlicher Nuancen. Diese individuellen Unterschiede sind es, die jede Fläche zu einem unverwechselbaren Unikat machen und die natürliche Schönheit der Steine hervorheben. Diese natürlichen Umstände stellen keinen Grund zur Reklamation dar. Wir danken für Ihr Verständnis.

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We always deliver within Germany free of charge with our own trucks.


Our greywacke polygonal slabs come in different dimensions. There are different thicknesses ranging from 1 to 15 cm and various slab formats from 20 to 120 cm in diameter. In general, the larger the slab in diameter, the thicker the slab thickness.

Care instructions

We recommend impregnating the graywacke natural stone slabs, so you will have little effort with maintenance afterwards.

Important note on color representation

Please note that the colors of the natural stones shown in the pictures may differ from the delivered product due to various factors. This is due, among other things, to the lighting conditions when taking the photos and the different color representation depending on the monitor or device. Please also consider that the displayed colors are screen colors and therefore the natural expression may not be fully reflected. The color and lighting conditions also vary depending on the time of day and the location of the viewing. These natural and technical circumstances do not constitute a reason for complaint.
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Fassadenverkleidung mit Grauwacke Platten aus Natursteinen bei

Greywacke polygonal slabs

Our Grauwacke slabs are designed in a fieldstone look and maintain their rough, natural surface. This makes them ideal for designing facades, columns, or pathways. Thanks to their natural, polygonal shape, they manage to give every facade a rustic ambiance. Thus, they create high-quality coziness in your home.

Grauwacke stands out for its excellent properties for outdoor use. It is extremely robust, frost-resistant, weather-resistant, and resistant to sunlight. This makes these natural stone slabs ideal as wall cladding for outdoor areas. Whether outdoor shower or barbecue area - here, the imagination knows no bounds.

The Grauwacke slabs are suitable as flooring for terraces, garden paths but also for fence or post cladding.

Customer photos Graywacke facade stone as base cladding

Grauwacke Fassadenstein als Sockelverkleidung - Kundenfoto
Grauwacke Fassadenstein als Sockelverkleidung - Kundenfoto
Grauwacke Fassadenstein als Sockelverkleidung - Kundenfoto

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