Collection: Polygonal slabs pattern

You are planning to upgrade or beautify your terrace? Do you want to give your garden or terrace a Mediterranean flair with polygonal slabs or natural stone slabs? Here you will find sample broken stone slabs made of slate, quartzite, and graywacke.

Polygonalplatten Muster

Shipping of sample stones

Since a sample is there to give you the opportunity to comfortably test the plates in color, texture, surface, and feel from home, the shipping is free of charge via DHL parcel delivery and will be delivered within 2-3 days. Since a sample shipment usually contains 3 stones as a selection, it is not necessary to order the item more than once. However, anyone who adds the sample item to the shopping cart more than once will have to bear the corresponding shipping costs depending on the quantity.

Natural stone slabs - Natural, beautiful, and durable

Aesthetic variety and elegant natural stone slabs for garden, terrace, paths, and facades

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