First-hand Natural Stone Slabs

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We are a natural stone trading company from Uckermark. Founded in 2006, we specialize in selling affordable natural stone slabs of good quality. In search of broken stone slabs for our terrace, we looked around in many hardware stores. However, none of the products offered there met our requirements, so we took matters into our own hands and visited various quarries. With our own fleet of vehicles including 15 forklifts, we have no problems loading in the quarry and stocking our warehouse. The supply chains are secured by us, and delivery is also carried out by our own fleet. "Just in Sequence" is our motto, not "Just in Time."

We see ourselves as direct importers in wholesale for natural stone slabs. We welcome not only private customers as end customers, but also companies looking to distribute our natural stone slabs. Potential new customers are welcome to request a viewing appointment for sampling the natural stone slabs.

With our large open-air storage area, we have the ability to store 4000m² in stock, so that there are no delivery bottlenecks in the end. With our own fleet of vehicles, we can load directly in the quarry, and for deliveries, we rarely use subcontractors. There is no need to rent a warehouse in the end. Forklift drivers and warehouse staff are available. The natural stone slabs can be offered to you cheaper than the competition in the end, as we are also a specialized transport company.

A brief summary of why we can offer our range of natural stone slabs up to 50% cheaper than the competition:

  • Direct import through our logistics with our own trucks
  • Own storage area of 4,000 m² as well as forklift and warehouse staff already available at the company headquarters
  • No middlemen
  • Delivery of broken stone slabs by our own forklifts throughout Germany
  • We welcome any inquiries and invite you to visit our broken stone slabs on site.