Eine Nostalgische Wasserpumpe in Deinem Garten

A nostalgic water pump in your garden

Ideas from Broken Stone Slabs - No. 1

A nostalgic water pump in the garden can be a great way to add a touch of rustic charm to your outdoor area. If you're lucky, you may have already found an old water pump on your property or received one as a gift from a friend or relative. If not, you will definitely find one online or at a local hardware store. But how can you best showcase it? In this article, you will see and learn how to use a nostalgic water pump in combination with broken stone slabs as a base.

Ideas for Using a Water Pump as Decoration or Water Source

One way to integrate a nostalgic water pump into your garden is to use it as a central element in a fountain or water feature. If you already have a small pond or a stream, you can place the water pump nearby and let the water flow through it. Alternatively, you can use the pump as a base for a bird bath, a feeding station, for washing hands or feet, or for watering flowers and plants.

Another option is to use the water pump as a backdrop for a seating area. Place a bench or chairs nearby and let the water pump stand in the background. This way, the pump becomes not only a decorative element but also a practical part of your garden.

Using Broken Stone Slabs as a Base

Broken stone slabs can be a great base for a water pump and give it an additional rustic touch. For example, use a large greywacke plate with a thickness of 10 cm and a size of about 100 x 60 cm as a base for the pump, and add more stones and gravel to create a natural environment. You can also plant plants, such as succulents or flowers, around the base to add additional color and texture.

A Pedestal Made of Broken Stone Slabs

By cleverly stacking several broken stone slabs as in our example (see photo), an impressive pedestal can be built, which, together with the nostalgic cast iron hand pump, not only serves as a visual highlight but also offers practical use by providing a perfect place to put vessels. In addition, the pedestal made of broken stone slabs can also serve as a starting point for further creative ideas. For example, you can arrange more stones or gravel around the pedestal and add low plants like ground cover to create a natural environment.

What ideas do you have to integrate a water pump into your garden? Do you already have a water pump in your garden? How have you decorated or showcased it?

Feel free to share your ideas and experiences with us!


A nostalgic water pump can be a great way to add rustic charm to your garden. Combined with broken stone slabs as a base and some creative ideas, you can create a unique decoration that will impress your friends and neighbors. Remember that a nostalgic water pump is not only a decorative element but also offers practical use. For example, you can use it as a water source for your plants or as a refreshing cool-down on hot days.

With a few simple steps and some creativity, you can turn a nostalgic water pump in your garden into a true highlight. Whether as an eye-catcher in a flower bed or as a central element in your garden, the water pump is a versatile element that adds that special touch to your garden.

We hope this article has helped unleash your creativity and provided you with inspiring ideas for your next garden project. Perhaps we have motivated you to implement your own creative ideas and wish you much joy and success in doing so!


By the way, if you want to recreate it, contact Heiko Schmidt, our craftsman, and Gala builder. He built the hand pump with natural stone slabs in the picture and can give you tips on how you can do it yourself.

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